Electric Bicycle   additional technical help    


How to remove the battery?

It's very simple. By removing the battery you can place your bike in your RV or anywhere with ease because the battery represents about half of the bike's weight.

1/ Flip the seat forward by pushing the little control bar down underneath it



2/ Unlock the battery with  the ignition key


3/ Unplug the electrical wire from the battery terminal.


4/ Remove the battery pack by pulling it upwards.



How to install the rearview mirrors?

The threaded holes on the handlebar unit to hold the mirrors are capped with a plastic. These tiny plastics have to be either pulled out or punched in without destroying the inside thread.

1/ remove the plastic cap


2/ screw the mirrors in the threaded holes



How to operate the stand?

Put your foot on the flip, push it down and move the bike forward



How to adjust the front brake? (07-08 models)

1/ With a pair of pliers pull the brake line through that drilled nut then tighten it. The brake pads can be adjusted below as well 2/ The nut I am pointing to is for an other way to adjust the tension of the brake line 3/ That threaded component being pointed to is a fine adjustment to the brake line.


How to install the front wheel? (09 model)

1/ The drum brake goes to the right side of the bike. 2/ Put the spacer on the other side. You may need to pull open the fork by hand. 3/ Make sure to line the grove in the drum brake correctly.


4/ Install the safety washer and the nuts on the bike.



How to change the controller?

1/ Remove the black rubber off of the foot rest (other versions)

2/ Remove the screws

3/ Gain access to the controller


4/ The side plastic panels must be removed to fully access the controller



How to install the front basket?

These pictures should be able to give you some tips:


How to install the pedals?

Make sure to screw the right side pedal to the right side and the left side pedal to the left side.




How to tighten the handlebar?

1/ Check these components on the          2/   Remove this cover                      3/  Tighten the screw as shown in the picture
neck of the handlebar for tightness


How to operate the alarm ? (09 model)


How to remove the rear wheel?

1/ If you have not yet removed the gray plastic covers off the sides of the hub, please do it now.


2/ Cut the plastic fasteners to free up the electric cord connecting to the hub.

3/ Unplug the electrical wire from the controller's terminal.






4/ Loosen all the nuts and bolts for the brake and chain adjustments.


5/ Remove the nuts off the axle.


6/ Pull the kick stand open and slide it of the axle.

7/ Also, take the chain off and pull the wheel out (by hand)


8/ The wheel is removed