Liquidation Sale Policy


Any product(s) purchased under the term of liquidation sale must have the following policy:

Items are liquidated at such a prices that the seller has no profits to cover any additional fee(s) or services after sale.

You purchased your item at a price that is usually under the seller's cost, and sometimes the freight and advertising costs alone are higher than the product's liquidation price.

Therefore, all sales are final without refund or return.

If the item is received non-functional, purchaser must return it within seven (7) days for repair/replacement.

Any shipping damage must be reported to seller  in writing within seven days of receipt so the damaged part(s) can be replaced.

If product is refused, all the actual freight charges will be deducted from the buyer's account.

Once the product is received, no claims for suitability or product's description in advertising will be accepted.

Any shipping costs for replacement part(s) during the warranty period (including shipping damage) must be paid by purchaser.

Seller may use other shipping company than UPS, at their own discretion.

No exceptions to this policy under any circumstances, and by purchasing our product, purchaser agrees to and understand this Liquidation Sale Policy.