Return Request


First You MUST check if your product is eligible for Return.

Go to the Product Page (showing your product) and read the Warranty and Return information carefully.

Products that are NOT eligible for return:

  • electric bicycles

  • electric scooters

  • log splitters

  • heaters

  • cigarette machines

  • ice pads

You cannot use this Form if your product is not eligible for return.

If your product is ineligible for return than You Cannot return it.


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Describe the reason of the return:


 You will be receiving an answer usually within two business days.







Electric Bicycle

Log Splitters

Electric Tricycle

Low Temperature Freezers

Electric Rolling Cigarette Machine

Infrared Quartz Heater

Perineal Ice Pads

Electric Cigarettes & Cigars & Pipes

Car Air Purifier

Air&Water Ozonator, Purifier

Adult Section (no entry under 21)