INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ELECTRIC/HYDRAULIC LOG SPLITTER if the Ram does not retract properly or does not move forward










1/ Remove the handle bars. Both of them.

2/ Remove the nuts holding the support plate and the wheels.

3/ Remove the screw (part# 51) underneath the handle seat (part# 52)

4/ Remove the valve knob (part# 53)



5/ Pull the handle seat out. You will see the spring and the valve underneath. Make sure you remember which side is which as they are different.
The ram does not retract because the handle bars are off positioned on the valve. The valve has two flat surfaces on each side. Just like the one in the picture below:
The valve knob and the screw that you have removed in step 3 do not meet those surfaces therefore when you release the handle bars the valve does not operate properly.
Here is what you have to do:
Use a pair of pliers or two wrenches to turn the valve while the motor is running and imitate as you were splitting a log. Try to find the good position of the valves by turning them around (even several times if needed) where they let the ram retract.
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